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Peggles Pram Pegs

Peggles Pram Pegs

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Peggles Pram Pegs

Through the design of Peggles, HodgePodge Baby has transformed the dreary pram peg into a cute and fashionable yet functional accessory, to suit every mum’s style.  The pram peg is Australian Made and has been designed to safely secure a baby blanket to the pram canopy in order to protect the baby from external elements such as wind and light, also eliminating distractions so there is more chance of baby sleeping in the pram.  Peggles Pram Pegs are a cute, fashionable and multi-functional accessory.

Use pram pegs to:

  • Securely attach a jersey wrap to the pram canopy in order to protect baby from the external elements
  • Clasp a jersey wrap around mum for privacy whilst breastfeeding
  • Attach a jersey wrap to a baby carrier when out and about
  • For best results, use with the HodgePodge Baby Jersey Wrap range.

The pegs have been Made in Australia for mums who believe fashion and 
functionality should be one in the same.