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G is for Gorilla - A4 Unique Print

G is for Gorilla - A4 Unique Print

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One-of a-kind, unique print. Perfect for the home, nursery or a gift.


Printed on 250gsm Card and stored in plastic sleeve 

A4 size 

G is for Gorilla • there is SO MUCH to be said for gorillas, but I'll just tell you what I find the most interesting... one of the reasons I went back to university to study Zoology was because I am fascinated with intelligent animals, and gorillas definitely fall under that category. Gorillas can use tools (which is an amazing cognitive feat) and have some 25 different sounds for communication. A famous captive gorilla, Koko, was taught sign language and can sign about 1000 words and understand around 2000! They are so closely related to humans and all four subspecies are listed as either endangered or critically endangered (one step away from extinction 😳) due to habitat loss and hunting. My favourite professor at uni always used to say that humans are the most intelligent animal simply because we keep widening the gap between us and the 'next most' intelligent animal by killing them off... A sad thought indeed. 🦍🖤