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'E is for Echida'- A4 Unique Print

'E is for Echida'- A4 Unique Print

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One-of a-kind, unique Echidna print. Perfect for the home, nursery or a gift.


Printed on 250gsm Card and stored in plastic sleeve 

A4 size 


E is for Echidna • Oh my goodness there is so much to be said for echidnas, it was so hard to say just a few! The coolest thing (I think anyway) is that they are one of only two mammals in the world that lay eggs!! The echidna and the platypus, and both are native to Australia. While echidnas produce milk for their young like all mammals do, they don't have nipples! They secrete milk through glands in their pouches. As for their mating rituals, well that's another story entirely that's not suitable for this post!