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'B is for Bat'- A4 Unique Print

'B is for Bat'- A4 Unique Print

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One-of a-kind, unique bat print. Perfect for the home, nursery or a gift.


Printed on 250gsm Card and stored in plastic sleeve 

A4 size 

B is for Bat • Here in Australia we have flying foxes (or fruit bats). Most people don't particularly like them as urban colonies can become extremely loud and droppings can contain certain viruses... However!! They play an awesome role in our ecosystem some people may not know this, but they are efficient pollinators and seed dispersers of native Australian forest trees! Flying from tree to tree as they forage for nectar they pollinate flowers from pollen stuck to their fur from a previous visit to another tree they also disperse seeds by accidentally dropping fruit, eating the fruit and spitting out the seeds and/or eating and pooping the seeds out later on. So these cute little guys are pretty important despite their infamous reputation as 'nuisances'