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Baby Shop in Gold Coast - Australia

Welcome to our On-line Baby Kids and Mum's store! We are an Australian website and for the past 3 years we have been operating as one of Australia’s leading online retailers in babywear!  We value our customers as friends – and we wouldn’t give our friends products that we didn’t believe in!

Harper Lane Boutique is a well branded baby shop in the Gold Coast. They can help you to find the perfect gift for your newborn up and to 5 year old. Harper Lane Boutique is a Baby, Kids and Ladies Fashion shop, stocking a a beautiful range of Ethical cottage Industry Fashion,  Organic clothing and handmade items.

You can also find a fantastic range of women’s fashion, accessories, here at Harper Lane Boutique along with signature pieces such as Baby Comforters, Baby Bodysuits, Baby Pants, Children's Shoes, Children’s Books and Daisy & Moose, grow suits, etc. of the finest quality with timeless demand in Gold Coast.

We are a purely physical store as well as online in gold coast. We are not faceless like many other online companies. You can trust that when you contact us, we will respond promptly and aid you throughout the whole process.

You can buy on-line or visit our store at Night Quarter Helensvale Markets, Gold Coast, Friday and Saturday Nights 4pm-10pm!